Workplace Prayer

Thank you for taking the next step to introduce “Kingdom Praying” in your place of work. There only 2 simple steps to take now, which God will use to build relationships with women in your workplace, bless your company, and transform your city and nation for Christ.

WPprayerKitPlease complete our Prayer Leader Application (Please print, fill out, and return application by email or mail) Upon receipt of your application, a Prayer Kit will be sent to you for a suggested processing fee of $12.00.

Your commitment will make a vital part of seeing the moral and spiritual climate of your workplace, city and nation transformed for Christ. Thank you for committing to pray once a month in your place of work (before work, during your lunch or after work. Click to view the current WPI Prayer Focus

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We will then send you our Prayer Kit which includes :

  • Prayer Member Handbooks (10)
  • Steps to Peace with God (10) – an evangelical tract by Billy Graham (inserted in each handbook)
  • Current Prayer Focus (10)- Can also be found at
  • Prayer Member Roster form (2) – to keep a record of your ladies (additional form emailed upon request) WPI will request a copy of your roster periodically to keep our records up to date.
  • Brochures with “You are invited” (20) – for both Prayer Guide and Prayer Hostess to invite women
  • Love Offering envelopes (12) – to send in a love offering from your group.

Our guidelines (click to view our Prayer Meeting Guidelines) have kept women from various Christian churches, focused on the prayer topics and praying in one accord in WPI groups, since May 1997. If you readily embrace and apply these guidelines, your group will remain strong as you pray in the awaiting harvest of souls.

We hope to hear from you soon about starting a WPI Group in your workplace. We will do whatever we can to make it easy for you to begin. Please call (210) 349-PRAY(7729) or email us with any questions or inquiries.