“Through praying with sisters in Christ from many backgrounds and denominations we can change the moral climate of our neighborhood and city.  We can impact our national destiny.  We pray for pastors, civic leaders and salvation of neighbors, friends and our families.  We always take the last ten minutes for prayer for our personal needs and those prayers have personally blessed me.  Mary Lieck, Trinity Baptist, San Antonio, TX

“Being a part of WPI has enlarged my vision of how to pray for our neighborhoods, our city, our nation and our world. What a blessing to share with Christian ladies who have a passion for God’s heart, not only to know Him better, but in humility and brokenness, to intercede for revival, unity and salvation of the lost. Praying with others encourages my heart and strengthens my faith. Together we can stand against the strongholds of evil, so that the glory of God will be known and felt throughout our world.” Verda Meyer,  Abundant Life Church,  San Antonio, TX

The world is in desperate need of prayer and I have always had the desire to be a prayer warrior for this time and place.  Before I was introduced to WPI, I had always thought that I was a good prayer intercessor. That all changed when a dear sister in Christ helped me to learn the more acceptable and profitable way to pray – God’s way! Now I understand the need for praise, confession and thanksgiving before going before Him with our requests in order to be in His perfect will and to be lead by the Holy Spirit. Now I can never go back to the ‘old way’ of praying. I count myself truly blessed to have been able to find WPI and to lead others to a more effective prayer life. Christa Cox-Wantanabe, Tokyo Baptist Church, Tokyo, Japan

I have been blessed by the dedication and sincerity of these sisters in Christ It is refreshing to experience the cultural diversity and denominational unity that exists within the group. We are watchmen on the wall, crying out to God for our city, the nation and the world.” Edna Kates, Maranatha Baptist, San Antonio, TX

“When I started praying with my group in WPI God enlarged my tent (Isaiah 54:2) and expanded my prayer life beyond praying for the personal needs of people. I am so blessed as we pray for the lost people to come to know Jesus, for our government officials, issues concerning our city and nation and other petitions on the heart of God beyond our personal needs.”  Sheila Folschinsky, First Assembly of God, San Antonio, TX