Former Archbishop Patrick Flores, Catholic Diocese
“God is blessing our city by using Women’s Prayer International to bring Catholic and Protestant women together to pray united in Christ. This ministry is truly from the heart of God.”

Rev., Dr. David McNitzky, Senior Pastor, Alamo Heights United Methodist Church, San Antonio, Texas
“In John 17, Jesus prayed and He prayed that His people would be one. I am excited about the Women’s Prayer International movement because it fulfills both the Fundamental practice and the deepest desire of our Lord.”

Vonette Bright, Co-Founder, Campus Crusade for Christ, Intl.
“If we are to solve the problems in our world today, the greatest need of the hour is prayer.
Women’s Prayer International is responding to that need by utilizing and the power of prayer uniting women in voicing their concerns to God.”

Alice Patterson, Director & Founder, Justice at the Gate
“It was a joy to speak to Women’s Neighborhood Prayer in 1999, (now WPI) and to see the room filled with Beautiful diversity. God loves to pour out His blessing on people who are joining together to answer His prayer in John 17—“that we would be one so that the world will know that the Father sent Him.” The work of WPI to call women together across cultural and denominational barriers to pray for the lost is God’s heart. No wonder He’s blessing this organization.”