Transforming our cities for Christ through United Prayer

Important Notice: Gala Reservations must be made by October 19, 2017 NO tickets will be sold at door.
By the Spirit of Christ, we will persevere and trust God for the increase of passionate intercessors and an overflowing harvest of souls.
Created in 1997 to be a resource to encourage and equip women to come together as prayer warriors for the Kingdom of God.

Are you concerned about the spiritual condition of your city and nation and those who do not know Jesus? Would you like to pray with a local group of Christian Women who have the same heartfelt concerns?

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Our donors are vessels in the hands of God to enable us to continue, through united prayer, to prepare the way for Christ to rule and reign in our cities.

We are funded by donations (re-occurring monthly, annually, or a one time gift) from our sisters and brothers in Christ.

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Claiming our cities for Christ through focused, specific, united “Kingdom Praying” in our neighborhoods and our places of work, focusing on prayer topics

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